In the fall of 2015, Supergirl premiered on CBS and was produced by the same company that brought Arrow and The Flash to CW.

Little did we know that one of the Arrowverse characters would appear on Supergirl and thus expand the idea of the multiverse — and, from there, Supergirl would move to CW.

Two episodes have featured Flash and Supergirl working together to solve a problem. The first time it happened, Barry Allen showed up in Kara Danvers’ world by accident.

“World’s Finest” features Barry breaching into a parallel Earth and meeting Kara for the first time. Initially, the two are trying to find a way to get Barry back to his own Earth, only for the two to have to work together to take down two of Supergirl’s foes, Livewire and Silver Banshee.

The plot incorporates a number of storylines explored during the first season of Supergirl, but gives plenty of screen time for Kara and Barry to interact with one another. In particular, Kara has to earn back the trust of the citizens of National City after red kryptonite caused her to go over the edge. Barry explains to Kara that she just has to give it time and the citizens will learn to trust her again.

“World’s Finest” is a solid episode (and on a side note, it made me realize how much I miss Cat Grant and her wit) though the resolution of Barry getting back to his own Earth may have been reached too easily. But it set up the idea that other Arrowverse characters could cross over to Supergirl and that she could do the same.

The second time Kara met Barry would take place on the next major crossover, but that’s something I’ll get to next week. I want to jump ahead to the next time the two teamed in a specific episode — the Flash Season 3 episode titled “Duet.”

This episode sees an individual known as the Music Meister who puts Supergirl and Flash under a trance and the two heroes find themselves trapped in, as the Music Meister puts it, “a world of their own creation.” Kara and Barry find themselves in a musical based loosely on West Side Story.

The episode gave the creative team the chance to let multiple actors showcase their singing talents, all while exploring the idea about what love and relationships really mean. Kara and Barry are each having to deal with struggles in the relationships they have, respectively, with Mon-El and Iris West. Throughout the episodes, the two learn that a loving relationship means you take the bad with the good, but what matters is that you are in that relationship because you care for your significant other.

It proved to be one of the more unique and entertaining episodes the Arrowverse ever released. The creative team took a concept that might seem out of place in a superhero show and found a way to make it work — and work better than anyone could have imagined.

Perhaps the best part about “Duet” is that Supergirl and Flash had to find a way to solve a problem without having to rely on their superpowers. It served as a great way for them to address a situation through their human sides (even if Kara is technically a Kryptonian) rather than through special powers.

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