Two years ago, I attended my first Smallville ComicCon as a visitor and a fan. This year, I get to experience it as a creator.

Smallville ComicCon will be June 23-24 in Hutchinson, Kan. The convention enters its fifth year and the city of Hutchinson formally changes its name to Smallville for the week of the convention. I imagine most of you should know the significance of Smallville to Kansas and its ties to the world of comics.

What makes Smallville ComicCon such a unique experience is that it’s a smaller venue than most comic book conventions. It gives you the chance to not only meet a few celebrities and creators of all types (artists, writers, cosplayers, etc.) and get to chat with them for a few minutes because lines are shorter and crowds are fewer. At the same time, there’s so many people visiting and having a good time, it gives it the feel of a larger convention in some ways.

Let me tell you how I learned about Smallville ComicCon. I was trying to figure out some things to do in the summer of 2016 and decided to research about any upcoming comic book conventions. Turns out Hutchinson had one for several years and I saw it as the perfect weekend activity — it helps that Hutchinson is just a 40-minute drive from where I live!

It was well worth the trip — it featured two days of visiting vendors, seeing what creators had to offer, observing cosplayers and their imaginative costumes, and the chance to hear from a few people comic book fans and others are familiar with. Marv Wolfman, a longtime writer for comics, was there for both days, first to talk about his creations, then to share his advice about creating characters and writing stories. I even had the chance to visit with him for a few minutes and purchase a signed script for an episode of Teen Titans he wrote (and, yes, I still have that with me!).

Helen Slater, who has starred in multiple movies and TV shows and has the distinction of being the first person to portray Supergirl on the movie screen, was also there. What I remember the most was how she talked about how much she loved the convention and how great it was to experience a smaller venue and see how friendly and helpful everybody was.

There were plenty of other celebrities and attractions, too. Missouri Movie Cars brought its own versions of vehicles from popular movies and TV shows — The Blues Brothers even made an appearance.


I didn’t get to go to next year’s event, but planned on going this year — and after giving it some thought, I decided the time was right to make an appearance as a creator. Even though I don’t have any printed books to sell, I wanted to meet with people, talk to them about my ebooks and spread more awareness about my writing. Plus it will be fun to see all the cosplayers in attendance and I hope to visit with more of them — perhaps take some pictures, too!

I can tell you that I will be holding a drawing for ebook copies of my first two novels, Six Pack: Emergence and Six Pack: Gyration. I welcome anyone who wants to stop by, visit and learn more about my writing.

But don’t just come by to visit with me — there are countless other creators and vendors who will be there, plus there will be plenty of celebrity guests. Dean Cain, who portrayed Superman/Clark Kent on the TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman will be attending, along with Crystal Lowe, Corin Nemec, Steven Williams, Conan Stevens and Eddie McClintock — actors who have countless appearances in popular movies and TV shows.

I highly recommend planning to come to Hutchinson — correction, I mean Smallville — June 23-24 to see what Smallville ComicCon is all about. I promise you it will be fun!

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